Warfare Termination
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[WT]Dr.T Mapper Application Empty [WT]Dr.T Mapper Application

Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:28 am
In-Game name: [WT]Dr.T
Place of residence/location: Philippines
Age and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY): February 28,2000 17Years Old
Why are you interested in mapping Wt?:- I want to Help Imran on Mapping and To Make The server Objects Good As well im may be a Beginner in Mapping but i swear i can Do Anything Not Really Bad but i can Do Good Things So Give me a Try and i will show you what i can do.
How long have you been mapping? : im Mappint since 2015 its Been 2 years i only Map on CnR Servers but now i will try to Map Bases And CapturingSites So We will got alot Of Base to Be Captured and For New Teams as well i hope we will have a lot of teams and More Capturing Sites so it will be Fun.
Any past experience in Mapping TDM maps ?: i don't Have but Just Rate my Work Below
Post some screenshots, Pictures or Videos of your work: [WT]Dr.T Mapper Application 20642063_1635215063179104_1025940801_o

This is Only Basic i only take 6 mins in Doing This.
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