Warfare Termination
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Format and Rules Empty Format and Rules

Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:34 pm
*Follow this format if you want to post your mods wich you use IG:

  -Title of the subject: "Mod Name" or "My mods "
 -Your name IG:
 -What the Modificaton do:
 -Video/pictures of the Modificaton: (The video or pictures need to be made on WT server, in case you want to post one make sure that you don't show the ip of a server or name)
 -Download link: (You can upload them on ,Mediafire,Mega,DropBox)
 - How you can install the Modificaton: (Ex-copy that on x folder  use spark to etc ... show the folders where the mods need to be installed.)

    *For requesting mods use this format:

     -Title of the subject: [Request]"ModName"     (Ex:[Request]HD weapons skins)
    -Name of the mod :
    -Videos/Pictures of the mod:
   Every player it's allowed to reply only with "-1" or "+1" for every "+1" the player who post the
mod/s will get
3 score

   Rules:-Don't spam the section with the same mods  ,1 time is enough.
-In any presentation of mods you need to post videos or pictures of it to be sure that is not a keylogger ,virus etc . if a video or picture it's not posted the post you make will be deleted and you will be banned for few days
-Don't post cheats, this can be punished with a ban IG .
-Don't sell mods with  real money.
-If any of the links given leads to a virus or malcious attack player will be banned.
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