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Clan creation applications format and requirements

on Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:27 am

- 5000 In-game score.
- $700,000 In-game cash.
- Clear ban history for 2 months.
- Registration date above one week.


In-game name:
Clan's name:
Clan's tag:
Clan's leader:
Clan's weapon (leave empty if not paid):
Screenshot of your IG stats:

- Clan weapons cost 10 euro, a clan can acquire only ONE weapon, weapons are valid for 3 months from the pay-time, keeping in mind heavy weapons like RPG, Minigun and Heat seekers are not allowed.

- If a clan gets removed automatically for not paying the monthly fee (depends on clan population), the forum section will be removed as well, for recreating the clan a new application should be made.

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