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Cee Aadmin Applications

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:18 pm
In-game name:Cee

Your age and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):October 7 1999

Your place of residence/location:Phlipines

When did you join the community first time? (DD/MM/YYYY) 2 Weeks

Why would you like to become a part of the staff team? (100 Words)I just stated that in the question above, but it is like I said why I think I should be given the position due to my experience with being admin in many other servers earlier in my days, I know most of the guys in staff and they're always ready to help me if I were to have any issues what so ever. I'm active in-game and I’ve been active on forum despite being muted from time to time unfortunately and of course I’m always on Discord if people need help there. I'm very active like I said and easy to get in contact with if there am a problem I will try come help and sort it out. The most appealing reason for me to apply for helper was probably to go beyond just helping just players in PGA from the chat but helping them with an extended arm as I like to call it. And I do know that unfortunately my warning percent in the forum is high but that just means I'm willing to help just a little bit too much sometimes And to you who don't think I'm ready yet it takes a while for the application to get accepted or declined but if you vote yes you will see the exact reason why and won't be disappointed! Experience, I have a lot of experience being admin. I am a patient and mature player, Im not a troublemaker, I respect the rules and I like to help everyone, also always use / report every time if I see a hacker, I do not like when they are using mods, is illegal and disturbing other users, I have the energy for the capacity to be on staff and to help grow increasingly this server every day. I know a lot about hacks i know how to catch who using them.

Why should we accept you over the other applicants? (100 Words)everyone has his own talent and qualities. For me, it is a responsibility and discipline. First, I found a lot of hackers and cheats in the game, but when I reported it, they would stop hacking and get good. It inspires me to apply for staff, so I can take direct action. I have learned well, staff and general rules as well. Also, sometimes I do not see the online staff, that's why I want to join the team. People say do what makes you happy, and what makes me happy is helping and being accountable to others. I am very confident that I will be a great addition to the team. I am loyal to everyone without exception. I can be responsible to me and handle it without any exceptions. I also do not break the rules. I am also very disciplined. I am not provocative to others, I am not fighting, and I do not bother anyone. I maintain a friendly atmosphere with all players no matter how much they get from your nerves. Coming to the next section, I am also an adult, and also active. I help the mainchat players when they need them.
If you are reluctant to read the whole above, I will make it as follows:
+ Friendly
+ On
+ Helpful
+ Old Player
+ Not provocative
+ Responsible
+ Discipline

How long are you able to stay in-game daily/weekly? 3-5 hours

Screenshot of your in-game statistics:

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Re: Cee Aadmin Applications

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 12:58 pm
Nice work, really. Copying from other apps from other community is a weird way that you thought you'd get accepted with. active In game and on forums? you played only 12 minutes in game and your first post on forum is this application. Also you haven't read the requirements to apply as it requires a minimum of 1000 scores and +1 week of activity from register date.

Good luck. Requesting a lock.
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Re: Cee Aadmin Applications

on Tue Aug 01, 2017 1:45 pm
Application denied.
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Re: Cee Aadmin Applications

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