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Server Update 2.0.5 (V2)

on Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:06 am
Hello everyone,

Today we would like to present you our change-log as of 7/28/2017 on the version two of 2.0.5.


- Added a new rules set (visible in /rules).
- Made further improvements with the clan system.
- Added a new death-match arena "Breakout".
- Added armor kits bonus for killing sprees.
- Created automated random messages.
- Made changes on /settings.
- Fixed the price of calling airstrikes.
- Allowed using /kill in death-match.
- Improved anti speed-hack.
- Re-mapped 'Romania' base.
- Made further improvements with the mapping.
- Fixed VIP issues with para-trooper class.
- Fixed falling down problems in breakout DM.
- Improved anti bot attack accuracy.
- Reduced the loss of prototypes to $5000.
- Fixed some issues with prototype system.
- Zone loss will now give -2 score not -$10000.
- Re-created the ranks label above heads.
- Fixed world issue with DM and Duel systems.
- Added temporary ban system for administrators.
- Fixed an issue with ban reasons.
- Improved /savestats functionality.
- Fixed lag issues with mapping.
- Recreated anti player crasher, bullet crasher and the related patches.
- Made further improvements with the script.
- Created a specially mapped arena for breakout DM.
- Reduced the load on the main chat (many messages).
- Fixed the colors while chatting in /timestamp.
- Added the ability to view others achievements with /achievements.
- Fixed achievements counter.
- Improved the saving process for achievements.
- Fixed several security problems.
- Rearranged the shop items.
- Fixed the problems with landmines.
- Enhanced the server performance.
- Added automated stats saving per 5 minutes.
- Added a cool-down for tournaments (30 minutes).

More to discover in-game, have fun!
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